Sioni Academy is designed to help children develop self esteem, self confidence, and self assurance through education based in the arts. We promote personal growth and the enhancement of one's creativity. Our curriculum is designed to help children to feel comfortable in their own skin, while providing them the opportunity to grow as young adults. We emphasize the skills that are necessary for team work and leadership. The Academy provides an opportunity for youth to learn and experience different activities designed to equip them with the skills to become successful in school and life.

Sioni Academy partners with schools, churches and other community youth programs to instill the values needed for our children to develop into productive adults. We have worked with Disney Studios and Kids on Camera, as well as local schools and community organizations. Sioni focuses on at risk youth in inner cities. We are available for school visits, assembly presentations, private home sessions, and we can provide special programs and curriculum for teachers and schools, customized to your request.

We are always seeking new schools and organizations with whom we can partner. Please contact us if you would like more information, or if you would like us to make an appearance, or presentation, or if you would like to schedule private lessons.

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